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SSN Verification

Data Depends on Accurate SSNs

The Berwyn Group has two processes that assist in finding and validating Social Security Numbers (SSNs). A SSN is the building block for any other research performed, such as life status, address location, or relative searches. If a record is missing a SSN but has other data elements like a name, address and date of birth, our systems can determine the associated SSN.

If your record set contains SSNs, we have federal resources to confirm they are correct. This assists with “know your customer” or other fiduciary requirements. Either approach will provide a foundation for future research.


  • Complies with “Know Your Customer” and other state regulations
  • Reduces future research burdens
  • Avoids a dubious request for SSN by mail

SSN Validation

  • Reduces IRS filing risk
  • Checks data is correct before merging or changing systems
  • Provides high success with other data processes

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