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Policyholder Verification

Systematically Reject False Positive DMF Matches

After a death audit has been completed, the challenge is in determining if the reported decedents are, in fact, your policyholders.  Fuzzy logic matching of Death Master File (DMF) data can produce multiple death matches for each policyholder.  This creates an enormous burden for the claims research team because of the large number of death matches .

Our technology eliminates the most tedious chore associated with the fuzzy match validation process for unclaimed life insurance policies.  We can systematically reject false death matches so that your team can focus on investigating highly probable valid matches. 

Our Policyholder Verification Service Will

  • Identify which fuzzy matches are truly worth investigating 
  • Show which matches can be archived without manual review
  • Provide supporting data accepted by multiple states’ third party auditors (e.g. Verus, Kelmar)
  • Return a complete fuzzy match evaluation of your entire file within 3 business days of your death results

You will receive the results quickly so your team can focus on possible death claims that may need to be initiated.  

Get Back to the Business of Paying Claims

  • Cut manual review costs in half
  • Keep claims staff focused on processing valid claims
  • Reduce state statutory interest penalties for late claim payments
  • Receive complete fuzzy match evaluation of the entire file within 3 business days of your death results

Contact us if you are curious about how you can reduce unnecessary payroll hours.

Death Audit

Our life status verification services identify more deceased individuals than any comparable service in the market today.  Let us help you to satisfy your fiduciary responsibility for asset management.  

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Obituary Search

Many deaths reported through obituaries are not available through the Social Security Death Master File (DMF) or state vital statistic files. These changes have created an annual deficit of 1 million death records.  ObitCheck helps you locate deaths that are no longer available.

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Address Locator

Our locator services provide accurate and complete addresses to companies that have a regulatory obligation or fiduciary responsibility to locate missing policy holders and their beneficiaries.

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