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38 Million Obituary Records and Counting

38 Million Obituary Records and Counting

The combination of SSN-based death data and obituary data provides organizations the best chance of preventing fraud and overpayments. Our obituary service, ObitCheck, provides access to over 38 million obituary records. Many deaths reported through obituaries are not available through the Social Security Death Master File (DMF) or state vital statistic files. Furthermore, obituaries may provide valuable information to assist your company in determining proof of death or identifying family members (predeceased and surviving).

The use of Berwyn Group’s ObitCheck service in conjunction with our proprietary death audit results is more important than ever. Many states have limited or stopped access to their vital statistics data due to constituent privacy concerns. Furthermore, the Social Security Administration only publishes approximately 60% of their death data. These changes have created an annual deficit of 1 million death records.  ObitCheck helps you locate deaths that are no longer available.

Save Research Time When Confirming a Death or Locating a Next-of-Kin

  • Identify more deaths to reduce unwarranted benefit payments
  • Facilitate accurate and timely processing of claims and benefits
  • Identify and locate missing heirs and survivors
  • Provide alternative confirmation of death if a Death Certificate is not available

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