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File Based Death Audit

Reduce Fraud and Over Payments

Don't limit yourself to just the Social Security Death Master File (DMF).  To protect constituents' private information the DMF has been reduced in recent years by state and federal legislation.  Therefore, we have supplemented our database with additional federal and state resources, creating one of the most complete listings of deceased individuals in the United States. 

Berwyn Group's proprietary search engine can handle typos, data entry errors, and system wide data challenges. Therefore, the data results we return to you will be more accurate and complete.

DeathCheck: Send Us a File to Run a Death Audit

  • Avoid sending checks to deceased retirees and beneficiaries
  • Reduce funding liability
  • Lower PBGC Payments (2017 rate is $69/person)
  • Discontinue paying medical premiums for deceased members and spouses
  • Find deaths you cannot find anywhere else

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Obituary Search

Many deaths reported through obituaries are not available through the Social Security Death Master File (DMF) or state vital statistic files. These changes have created an annual deficit of 1 million death records.  ObitCheck helps you locate deaths that are no longer available.

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Address Locator

Our locator services provide accurate and complete addresses to companies that have a regulatory obligation or fiduciary responsibility to locate missing policy holders and their beneficiaries.

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Policyholder Verify

We can systematically reject false death matches so that your team can focus on investigating highly probable, valid matches. 

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