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Address Locator

Compliance Based Solution for Finding Lost Participants

As a commercial locator, The Berwyn Group assists organizations with their missing participant searches as well as updating and maintaining accurate census information. Both the PBGC and the DOL are familiar with The Berwyn Group and our services as we have located millions of lost participants over the past 30 years. During this time, we have continually updated our approach to incorporate new technologies and data sources to comply with DOL and IRS recommendations, best practices, and Field Assistance Bulletins (FABs).

AddressCheck℠ and our related data services can dramatically shorten the time needed to find participants for both DC and DB plans by bringing more resources to the task upfront. An address or phone search performed by The Berwyn Group utilizes over 10,000 data sources containing over 34 billion unique name and address combinations.  Most importantly, all of our searches are performed securely unlike the unsecure methods your staff might use such as internet search engines that can track and store your participants’ information and provide it to their advertisers. The Berwyn Group works exclusively with NPPI data, so we follow comprehensive security guidelines based on industry best practices and we do not retain your data longer than what is necessary to perform the service!

AddressCheck℠ offers tiers of service to meet the needs of your plan, within the guidelines of your documented procedures, using a combination of private, public, commercial, government, and U.S. Postal Service sources.  We use a data science approach that leverages big data and artificial intelligence (AI), and with our higher tier services, expert authentication by our staff to deliver the most accurate contact information for your participants with documented proof of your search efforts.  As an added bonus, any record submitted to Berwyn’s AddressCheck℠services will be compared to our proprietary death database of millions of death records and obituaries to determine if they may be deceased and, if so, we can assist in locating beneficiaries.

The Berwyn Group Will Reduce Research Time and Help Meet DOL Guidance. AddressCheck℠ Will:

  • Locate lost plan participants;
  • Update census data;
  • Find named beneficiaries;
  • Reduce returned mail;
  • Reduce fraud risks;
  • And ultimately, act in the best interest of your plan participants and beneficiaries.

Reach out to the commercial locator service experts at The Berwyn Group to learn more about our targeted compliance service offering for retirement plans. Contact Us by filling out the form page or call (216) 765 - 8818.

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