Berwyn Group

NPPI not in Cloud

Why Take the Risk?

With Berwyn Group responsible for your company’s Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) you can trust that security is our highest priority. When you are required to find an updated address or determine if members of the population are deceased you need to know that information is secure, but accessible. While cloud service providers allow for data to be accessed anywhere and at any time, this flexibility comes with risks.  The inherent risk with NPPI being accessible at any time is that it only takes one spear-phishing attack, someone forgetting to log out, or a lost or stolen laptop to expose your populations’ NPPI.

Berwyn Group works hard to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and many other security rules and laws.  These regulations point to a threat reduction model which suggests that data is kept in your facilities and exposed to as few providers as possible.  It is important to work with a third party that has designed and implemented security measures that ensure your data is safe and complies with the same standards as your organization.

At Berwyn Group, NPPI is our core competency. Safeguards are in place to ensure that we can meet your security standards as well as your business needs. We created frontend software that is file-based for API calls as well as a server that can be leased and stored in clients’ facilities.

File Based

  • Can Use Berwyn Or Client’s Secure Transfer Protocols
  • Files Can Be Any Size
  • Allows Hands-on Research

Software Frontend

  • Quick Processing Time
  • Data Is Only Briefly Outside Customer Walls
  • Data Size Is Capped


  • Integration Into Databases And Other Applications
  • Reports Can Automatically Be Generated
  • Clients Can Easily Customize What Is Produced

In-House Death Auditing System

  • Data Will Always Remain In House
  • Unlimited Record Sizes
  • Fast And On-Demand Reporting