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Since the 2008 recession, states’ budgets have come under greater scrutiny.  One particular area of focus is Non-ERISA state and municipal pension plans.  In 49 states, this focus has energized legislators to propose balanced administration and funding levels. What has not changed is that people depend on these plans for their retirement. Close to 20 million public sector workers are currently participating in a public retirement system and another 5.6 million retirees are withdrawing funds.

Many outsiders do not understand that public pensions

  • Have $2.7 trillion already set aside in pension trusts for current and future retirees
  • Require public employees to contribute a portion of their wages, typically five to ten percent, to their state or local pension
  • Have a median funding level of  70% compared to the public sector’s 79.5%, and that doesn’t acknowledge differences in accounting practices
  • Are 100% funded in only two states, Wisconsin and South Dakota

Public sector pensions are not the only financial obligations that states and municipalities have to pay out.  There are a multitude of state entitlement or assistance programs that could reduce fraud by flagging questionable data sets. Berwyn Group can quickly return death audit results for millions of records and be an effective tool for achieving fraud prevention objectives for

  • Medicaid
  • Energy Assistance Programs
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Housing Assistance
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

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Death Audit

Our life status verification services identify more deceased individuals than any comparable service in the market today.  Let us help you to satisfy your fiduciary responsibility for asset management.  

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Obituary Search

Many deaths reported through obituaries are not available through the Social Security Death Master File (DMF) or state vital statistic files. These changes have created an annual deficit of 1 million death records.  ObitCheck helps you locate deaths that are no longer available.

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Address Locator

Our locator services provide accurate and complete addresses to companies that have a regulatory obligation or fiduciary responsibility to locate missing policy holders and their beneficiaries.

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