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Your source for confirming the life status and/or best current address

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The Berwyn Group is your source for confirming the life status and/or best current address of individuals who receive payments from your organization. We perform these important tasks while protecting your company’s Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) data. In 1993 we revolutionized the death audit and locator services fields with a more organized and accurate reporting approach. Since then Berwyn Group has continued to improve search methodologies and data. A lot has changed, but our commitment to reduce fraud and connect companies with people who are owed funds has not.

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Death Audit

Our life status verification services identify more deceased individuals than any comparable service in the market today.  Let us help you to satisfy your fiduciary responsibility for asset management.  

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Address Locator

Our locator services provide accurate and complete addresses to companies that have a regulatory obligation or fiduciary responsibility to locate missing policy holders and their beneficiaries.

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Beneficiary Search

It is possible to find relatives and beneficiaries based on connections of an individual’s Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI).  We can show you how.

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Why Work with Us?


Our proprietary Death Auditing System identifies more deceased individuals than any other firm’s services in the industry as a result of superior, specifically honed algorithms, analytical platforms, and an extensive death records database with 134 million death records. We compile records for the identification of deceased individuals by utilizing the Social Security Death Master File (DMF) in conjunction with other government and proprietary death record sources.  


With Berwyn Group’s audit solutions, you decide when and how your audit is performed. We can customize our services to meet your specific reporting or processing needs. Our interfaces are designed to adapt to your current processes and file layouts.  


We have earned the reputation of being the “friendliest, easiest, and most responsive” company to do business with in our industry. Our team goes the extra mile to help you meet your business objectives, regulatory obligations, and deadlines.